Fighting For The Best Interests Of Your Child

The Legal Counsel And The Advocacy You Deserve To Get The Modifications You Need

As an attorney and a divorced parent, I understand that what is acceptable or workable at the time of a divorce does not always stay that way. Often, many other changes in your life and the lives of your children make pursuing a modification reasonable.

At Beveridge Law Firm PLLC, I offer personable, one-on-one modification support and guidance. I can help you understand what is needed and how to have a successful process. While there are many attorneys who will take your case, I go one step further and advocate for you.

Valid Reasons To Seek A Modification

There are many reasons you may want to modify the terms of your divorce decree. Three of the most common divorce issues that people want to modify are:

  1. Possession time and other child custody matters
  2. Child support
  3. Spousal support

The court takes modifications to divorce decrees seriously. You must show that there is a compelling reason to make a change. A compelling reason may be that you have had a significant change in your income, work schedule, health or job schedule. Once I understand the need for your modification request, I can create a plan that will optimize your chances of getting it court-approved. In rare instances, if you and your ex agree to the new terms, a court appearance may not be necessary.

Work With An Attorney Who Is Committed To Your Case

As an attorney who has been through the Texas custody and support issues myself, I fully understand why a modification may be warranted and how to go about obtaining one. Working with an attorney who has this broad base of experience and understanding can mean the difference between a successful modification and an appeal that falls flat. I will work with you to create a reasonable plan and to protect your children and your rights as their parent. Call 713-280-3326 or introduce yourself via my website contact email so that I can get in touch with you.