Helping Texans with a variety of family law cases, including child custody and divorce.

A Family Law Attorney Who Advocates For You

When you are navigating any family law matter, emotions can run high. Nothing fuels our emotions more than our relationships, especially with our children. Inspired by personal experience and a passionate desire to change the system, I founded Beveridge Law Firm PLLC to fight for parental rights and change the status quo. I help clients in Alvin, Houston and the surrounding communities navigate potentially contentious family law matters. Whether you are getting divorced, leaving a long-term partner, or are a noncustodial parent who wants to change or appeal an existing custody order, I will fight for you and your child.

Passionate Advocacy For Family Law Issues In Texas

Every family matter has its own unique combination of facts, circumstances and emotions. No matter what your case might involve – whether you are getting divorced, separating from a long-term partner or navigating a related child custody matter – it is important to find an advocate who understands your situation and can simultaneously protect your parental rights and your child’s best interests. I help clients navigate the following family law matters:

  • Filing for divorce
  • Legal separation for couples who were never formally married
  • Child custody disputes
  • Parenting time challenges
  • Property division
  • Enforcement of existing family law orders
  • Modifications and appeals of family law orders

I understand that when it comes to parenting time and other factors in a Texas divorce, there are disparities that require remedy. I am a tireless fighter for noncustodial parental rights and the best interests of the children.

Noncustodial Parents And Child Custody And Visitation Rights

Parents have rights. Whether you were married or not, if you are no longer with your children’s other parent, or even if you are, child support and visitation arrangements are likely. These orders have serious consequences, and you need to make sure your rights to your children are protected. If you are a noncustodial parent who is not being allowed to parent in a significant manner, I am the attorney who will take up your cause.

Child Custody Orders And Appeals Or Modifications

Life after a divorce or separation changes and evolves. When big changes happen, sometimes the court orders need to change too. A good portion of the cases that go through the family law courts in Texas are modifications. A modification occurs anytime there is an order in place that needs to be changed. This can include modifying child support or child visitation schedules, or dental and medical support. Basically, absolutely anything concerning the children.

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