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Experienced Texas Appellate Law Attorney: Arguing Family Law Cases To The Highest Level

At Beveridge Law Firm PLLC, I take cases as far as I need to take them. As an appellate lawyer, I am dedicated to providing my clients in the Houston area and throughout Texas with the highest possible caliber of representation in all the various phases of litigation, including the appeals process. If you had an adverse trial court ruling in your case, I can help. I can also assist you if your trial court case is being appealed, I have successfully defended lower court rulings on appeal.

Ever-Changing Case Law And Litigation Trends

In order to file an appeal in a Texas appellate court, there must be a legal reason and/or a legal error. As an appellate attorney, I stay abreast of the ever-changing case law and various legal trends. With every case that I try, whether it is a divorce matter, a child custody challenge or a motion to modify an existing decree, I monitor every aspect and keep a watchful eye for possible points of appeal. I work hard to ensure that any judicial errors are preserved for post-trial relief, and I stay prepared to defend any rulings that were in your favor. For any case that I accept from other firms, I review the entire matter in search of the following:

  • Improper legal interpretation
  • Improperly admitted testimony
  • Expert admissions
  • Procedural errors
  • Faulty jury instructions

Not all verdicts or decisions can be appealed, but I will undertake a careful evaluation and research the facts in your case to advise you on the best course of action in an appeal.

I handle the following for appellate actions:

  • Motions for post-trial relief
  • Motions to vacate a judgment
  • Motions to reconsider a judgment
  • Motions for a judgment notwithstanding the verdict
  • Appellate briefs
  • Amicus curiae briefs

I have the knowledge and experience to handle all aspects of preparing and filing a brief and presenting an oral argument to the state and federal appellate courts throughout Texas. I can provide the advice and advocacy necessary to successfully pursue an appellate action on behalf of my clients.

Reach Out Today For a Committed Appellate Attorney In Texas

If you are considering an appeal for your case, don’t wait. Strict filing deadlines apply, and there is an extremely limited amount of time to appeal a trial court ruling. Call Beveridge Law Firm PLLC today at 713-280-3326, or reach out to me through my online form to schedule a consultation at my Alvin office.