When Four Days A Month Is Not Enough

When Four Days A Month Is Not Enough

​Work with a family law attorney who will fight for your rights and your family’s best interests. I have experience with family law cases from child custody, divorce, child support, spousal maintenance and more.

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Helping families in Alvin, Houston and throughout the surrounding areas including Brazoria, Galveston and Harris counties.

Family Law

I handle all case types from divorce and spousal support to child custody and support, and more.

Child Custody

I work primarily with noncustodial parents to defend their rights to seeing their children, including modifying and enforcing visitation orders.


I help my clients navigate all aspects of divorce, including division of assets.


If you have a custody, child support or spousal support agreement that needs updating, I will help you figure out how to make these agreements work better for you.

Children Deserve Access To Both Parents

My name is Benjamin Beveridge. As a father who went through a divorce, I understand what you’re going through. I founded Beveridge Law Firm PLLC to help parents, both fathers and mothers, obtain fair custody and visitation rights.

Children thrive when they have two parents who are active participants in their lives. Healthy relationships are fostered through quality time spent together – this cannot be accomplished with the limited access typical of standard custody arrangement set up for children in Texas. Children deserve more than every other weekend with their noncustodial parent.

An Advocate Who Truly Understands

Attorney Ben Beveridge
Attorney Ben Beveridge

An Advocate Who Truly Understands


My passion lies in protecting the sanctity of the parent-child relationship through fair custody, visitation arrangements and all other aspects of the divorce process. Your family’s best interests are my top priority.


I have devoted my practice to helping families move through divorce in the most positive manner possible. Divorce is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be devastating.


You and your family deserve an advocate who will fight for your fair share in the distribution of marital property, custody, support and more during a divorce.

You And Your Child Deserve More Time Together