About Ben

When four days a month isn’t enough.

Ben Beveridge

Having personally been through the Texas family law system for years, Ben understands the need to change Texas family laws. He has been involved in Texas family law reform for the past 7 years and understands that the laws in Texas are getting worse, not better, for Texas families. With this unique perspective Ben brings an original and much needed style of representation to non-custodial parents. 

photo of attorney Ben Beveridge

Why Choose Ben

Shared Parenting Advocate

With a full conviction, based on an in-depth knowledge of child custody studies, Ben understands that children need both parents, equally. That children thrive when they have equal access to loving, willing and able parents. He also understands the resistance from the family law system in Texas to allow such access.

Non-custodial Specialist

Ben specializes in representing non-custodial parents and parents who fear they are likely to become non-custodial parents who feel that spending 4 days a month with their kids is insufficient.

Special Rates Available

Ben is and always will be a family law reform advocate and provides special rates for clients who participate in his Family Law Reform Advocacy Program.

Family Law Reform

Ben has been involved in Family Law Reform for the past 7 years and hopes that his clients will also become involved in family law reform. As such Ben offers reduced rates for those willing to participate in his Family Law Reform Program. Program participants will be asked to perform activities like contacting their local representative, attending county political party meetings, set up constituent meetings with their state Reps…. all in the name of supporting legislation which would allow children to spend more time with their non-custodial parents.

Ben’s Family Law reform activities include:

  • Writing and co-writing equal parenting bills sponsored in the Texas House and Senate
  • Sending out surveys to political candidates to gauge their position on equal parenting
  • Raising money for investigative journalism concerning family law reform in Texas
  • Raising money for polls to gauge public support for equal parenting in Texas
  • Conducting and overseeing studies in Texas to assess the amount of time children are currently allowed to spend with non-custodial parents
  • Setting up and speaking at many legislative events and workshops
  • Rallying grassroots and professional support for the equal parenting movement in Texas
  • Producing countless support materials used to educate the legislature on Equal Parenting