Fighting For The Best Interests Of Your Child

Things Every Noncustodial Texas Parent Needs To Know

There are many reasons why you may not have shared custody with your kids. Whatever the reason, you still have rights as a parent.

I am both an attorney and a divorced parent. I understand what it’s like not to be able to see your children and to spend meaningful parenting time with them. In fact, this was the reason I went to law school and founded my firm Beveridge Law Firm PLLC. Many attorneys will take your case. I commit to advocating for you.

Where You Live Can Affect Your Visitation

If you and your ex live 100 miles or closer, you as the noncustodial parent should get to see your child or children:

  • The first, third and fifth weekend of every month
  • On Thursday evenings every week
  • Every holiday on alternate years, Fourth of July this year but not next
  • Long stretches of time over summer break, typically 30 days or more

For parents who live farther than 100 miles apart, the same rules apply with exceptions. Given the distance, it may not be feasible for you to come every weekend and one day every week. In these instances, you may have your child or children for a longer spring break and an extended, longer than 30 days, summer break.

Your Rights And Responsibilities As The Noncustodial Parent

As the noncustodial parent, you are expected to show up for your scheduled time with your kids and bring them back when promised. The custodial parent has a legal obligation to deliver your children when and where as promised and to be there at the appointed time. Should your situation as the noncustodial parent significantly change, it may be wise to pursue a modification to your divorce decree and change the terms of your child custody or support arrangement.

The Advocacy You Need To Do What Is Best

Study after study has shown that the overwhelming majority of children of divorced parents do best when both parents are active and present in their lives. I can help you get the parenting plan, enforcement or modification you need to make this a reality. Call 713-280-3326 or send me an email indicating your interest in a consultation so that I get in touch with you. Located in Alvin, I serve clients throughout Brazoria, Fort Bend and Galveston counties.