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Welcome to Beveridge Law Firm, PLLC: Advocating for Fathers and Non-Custodial Parents

by | Nov 11, 2023 | Firm News

Introduction: Hello, and welcome to Beveridge Law Firm, PLLC, where we understand the unique challenges faced by fathers and non-custodial parents. I’m Ben Beveridge, the founder and owner of this firm. I was once a non-custodial parent myself, only seeing my kids on weekends. Determined to change that, I pursued a legal education, and shortly after passing the bar, I achieved equal access to my children. Today, I am dedicated to supporting parents in similar situations, actively participating in legislative efforts to promote equal access. Let’s dive into how we can help you.

Your Rights as a Father: Question: What can you do to help fathers secure equal time with their children?

Answer: At Beveridge Law Firm, we specialize in advocating for fathers and non-custodial parents. We believe in the importance of fathers playing an active role in their children’s lives. Our focus is on creating parenting plans that ensure equal time, allowing fathers to build lasting connections with their kids.

Navigating the Family Courts: Question: How does the court system in Brazoria and Galveston counties impact custody cases?

Answer: In Brazoria County, we navigate the family law courts, including the 461st and 300th district courts. Judge Bulanek presides over the 461st, and Judge Bradshaw oversees the 300th, with Associate Judges Donnell and Lehman respectively. In Galveston County, we work with the 306th district court, Galveston County Court at law 1, 2, and 3. Understanding the nuances of each court is crucial in securing favorable outcomes for our clients.

Enforcing Your Rights: Question: What if the other parent refuses court-ordered periods of possession?

Answer: We’re here to enforce your rights. If the other parent is not allowing you the court-ordered time with your children, we step in to ensure compliance. Our commitment is to uphold the orders and make sure you get the time you are entitled to.

Appellate Advocacy: Question: How can you help if a trial judge’s decision doesn’t go in my favor?

Answer: Not only do we fight in the trial courts, but we also handle appeals. I personally handle appellate work, a unique offering at Beveridge Law Firm. With a history of success, we have had numerous trial judge orders overturned by the appellate courts.

Take Action for Equal Access: Question: What’s the next step if I need your assistance?

Answer: Take action now. Call our office at 281-407-0961 or submit your information through our online form. Whether you’re seeking equal time or facing issues with court-ordered possession, we’re here to listen, guide, and fight for your parental rights.

At Beveridge Law Firm, PLLC, we passionately believe in helping fathers and non-custodial parents secure equal access to their children. Let us be your advocates in this important journey.