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Understanding the Role of Judge Chad Bradshaw in Brazoria County

by | Nov 18, 2023 | Firm News

In the legal framework of Brazoria County, Texas, Judge Chad Bradshaw occupies a significant position as the Presiding Judge of the 300th District Court. Elected in November 2022 and officially assuming office on January 1, 2023, Judge Bradshaw’s presence in the legal landscape has been marked by his contributions to various legal domains.

Contact Information: For those seeking to engage with Judge Chad D. Bradshaw or requiring information related to the 300th District Court, the following contact details are pertinent:

Address: 111 E. Locust, Room 401 Angleton, Texas 77515

Phone: 979-864-1227

Fax: 979-864-1138

Court Coordinators:

Court Reporters:

Early Legal Journey: Commencing his legal career with the attainment of a law license in 1999, Judge Bradshaw, a graduate of the South Texas College of Law, initially practiced law in the private sector. His focus primarily revolved around family law and criminal cases during this formative period.

Leadership Across Legal Arenas: At the helm of the 300th District Court, Judge Bradshaw oversees a range of legal matters. From addressing divorce and child custody disputes to handling enforcement actions, CPS cases, and paternity actions, the court serves as a pivotal institution for navigating family-related complexities. Additionally, the court extends its reach to felony cases, reflecting its role in the broader spectrum of legal proceedings.

Board Certification: Judge Bradshaw’s professional credentials include Board Certification in both Family Law and Child Welfare Law. This certification signifies a depth of understanding in these specialized areas, contributing to his role in presiding over cases with a nuanced perspective.

Community Engagement: Active participation in legal associations characterizes Judge Bradshaw’s involvement beyond the courtroom. His contributions to the Brazoria County Bar Association, the Brazoria County Family Bar Association, and his role as a Board Member of the Gulf Coast Family Law Specialists underscore his engagement in the legal community.

Personal Dynamics: Residing in Brazoria County with his wife, Judge Bradshaw’s personal life includes three children and four grandchildren. This familial context adds a layer of relatability to his understanding of family dynamics, influencing his approach to legal matters.

As Brazoria County looks ahead, Judge Chad Bradshaw’s term as the Presiding Judge of the 300th District Court is slated to continue until December 31, 2026. This overview aims to provide an informative snapshot of his legal background, professional affiliations, and the scope of his role within the legal landscape of Brazoria County.